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Pros and Cons On Quality Frameless Shower Doors

Many homeowners, nowadays, are opting to install in their bathrooms with a frameless glass shower door because its design exudes a cleaner and less cluttered look, uniquely introduced by minimalist designers and one creation that in recent years have surged in popularity. The visual effect of a frameless glass shower door is that it presents not only a clean and uncluttered look, but it also shuns away with the usual metal frames and, thus, provide a classy structure that seems to blend into the bathroom surroundings.

When deciding to install a quality, frameless glass shower door, it would be best to consider the pros and cons on having one and not just because of its minimalist beauty and the practical aspect of a less hassle in cleaning the entire structure. This upscale trend of installing a quality frameless glass shower door has definitely its advantages and they are – a numerous range of design choices based on it minimalist look, one can also have it custom-built and suited to your one brand design, the frameless design leaves no room for corrosion of metal frames and grooves that accumulate dirt and molds, the glass transparency leaves a look of spaciousness in the bathroom, and there is definitely more added value to your home investment with having this installed in the bathroom. If there are advantages, expect that there are disadvantages in having a quality frameless glass shower door, such as: generally, more expensive in cost than the usual framed type; tendency for water to leak out, especially if the glasses are not properly glued or aligned together and that is why the showerhead must be placed away from the glass door; tendency for the glass door to be shattered in the presence of extreme heat or pressure.

Further improvements in recent years have been researched and worked on by leading manufacturers to lessen the disadvantage of installing frameless glass shower door in the bathroom, some of these upgraded developments are the improvisation of the installation methods such that a better option is guaranteed to produce a more perfect glass-cut type; the recent kinds of glasses that are produced are already the tempered ones so that in the event that the glass is forcibly smashed, it will simply break into small pieces instead of being shattered into large sizes which can be injurious; there are now new types of glass, aside from being tempered, the frosted or raindrop designs which are processed with an add-on water treatments to resist or cover water spots or stains from adhering to its surface.

Owning a quality frameless glass shower door can be considered as one of the best bathroom investment you can make and that is due to choosing a recognized company that produces quality products with good installation and orienting their customers with the proper maintenance procedures.

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